Justin Bieber Accused After He, Kendall & Kylie Jenner Celebrate Hailey Baldwin’s Birthday

Hours after Justin Bieber shared a sad pic captioned “Miss my mom,” the singer put down his blues to celebrate the birthdays of pals, model Hailey Baldwin and R&B singer Khalil.

“IT girl” sisters, Kendall and Kylie Jenner, were also at the Los Angeles bash on Friday.

Hailey, who is the daughter of actor Stephen Baldwin, rang in her 18th, while Khalil moved out of teenhood to 20.

The “Confident” singer’s attendance at the party appears to be a problem for some.

“Justin was supposed to be on a spiritual retreat after feeling lost and depressed!” shrieks Hollywood Life, despite no public statement from the singer stating he was on a retreat.

Bieber appears to have merely taken a brief break from L.A with Pastor Judah Smith of the Seattle-based The City Church in Rancho Mirage, near Palm Springs, last week. The star has reportedly stopped smoking marijuana, and was spotted at numerous church services and Bible study with Pastor Carl Lentz of the Hillsong NYC church from late October on.

Moreover, claims that the singer’s stay in Rancho Mirage would last two weeks and that he is on a, “self-proclaimed spiritual mission to spread the word of God,” came from TMZ — not Bieber.

According to snaps doing the rounds online, Justin’s hangout with the Jenners, Hailey and Khalil seems to have included “All About That Bass” producer Maejor Ali, Shots app CEO Johnny Shahid, rapper Blake Kelly and more.

“Startin off 18 right,” a black mini-dress and knee-high boots-clad Hailey captioned a selfie featuring metallic-colored balloons.

“Get to be with my birthday twin tonight! Happy 20th @khalil,” Hailey noted by a black and white pic of the pair.

Justin’s unmistakably tattooed arm is seen in a pic of him presenting the birthday girl with a double-layered chocolate cake, decorated with 18 candles.

“18 baby!” Hailey wrote.

Wonder what she wished for?

Hailey Baldwin

A somewhat tired-looking Justin posing for a shot with Hailey and Johnny.

Hailey Baldwin

Lip-liner queen Kylie also got in on the posting action.

“AHHH,” the 17-year-old captioned a sweet girls-only pic.

“HAPPY BDAY HAILZ & KHALIL,” the reality TV star and young entrepreneur wrote by a reveal of the whole group hamming for the camera.

Hailey Baldwin

Justin is seen fooling around with Hailey, while Kendall and Kylie vamped and Khalil does his usual pointing thing in another black and white shot.


Justin was all smiles in a snap with the boys.


Earlier in the month, Kendall addressed rumors insinuating she and Justin were more than pals. It was also rumored that the model had caused the split between Bieber and his on-off girlfriend Selena Gomez.

“No, he’s a long time friend of our family,” Kendall told Nightline, adding, “Everybody loves to assume things, but no.”

A few weeks ago, Selena was seen in a video singing Happy Birthday to Kendall with pals for her 19th, later confirming in an interview with On Air With Ryan Seacrest that she and the model “were never not friends.”

Bieber is also a longtime pal of Hailey and was recently spotted with her at a birthday bash in New York for mutual pal, Lentz. The pair and Kendall were seen at a church service on November 9.

Despite all that, Hollywood Life claims Bieber is trying to make Gomez “jealous”.

“Justin Bieber is back at his old ways!” the site wails. “His so-called spiritual retreat led him straight to Kendall and Kylie Jenner. Is he trying to rile up Selena Gomez right before her big AMAs performance?” They added, “Man, once Selena sees this, she is not going to be happy.”

“No matter what Justin does – or who he hangs out with, his ultimate goal is to win Selena back,” the site insists, citing no basis for any of its playground conclusions.

Back in the real world, where friends are allowed to celebrate birthdays and get-togethers without it becoming a national scandal, it looks like Justin and the gang had a great time.

Something for the weekend? The Biebs with a puppy in an L.A store some time before the party.