Yolanda Ostoloza Convicted of Pimping: 15-Year-Old Pimped Out By Mother In New York

Matt PopovichUnsplash

Yolanda Ostoloza has been convicted after pimping out her 15-year-old daughter in New York City. According to the New York Daily News, Ostoloza took her teenage daughter to the Big Apple on Super Bowl weekend and arranged for her to do sexual things with men for money. The 39-year-old mother was found guilty of promoting prostitution and endangering the welfare of a child and faces 15 years behind bars.

“Think about what a barely 15-year-old girl is supposed to be doing. Planning for her sweet 16, preparing to get her driver’s permit. Doing her homework during her sophomore year of high school. Maybe even thinking about a high school sweetheart. But for [Ostoloza’s daughter], her mother had another plan for her… sexually exploit her child for money,” the prosecutor said.

Yolanda Ostoloza was convicted of pimping out her daughter thanks to efforts by the Bronx police department. BPD ran an undercover operation and was able to find out what was going on. According to The SpreadIt, Ostoloza was charging men $200 to have sex with her daughter, and an officer found that out at the Midtown’s New York Hilton when the young girl showed up after agreeing to a deal — which was a setup.

During questioning, however, Ostoloza told police that she had taken her daughter to New York (from Florida) so that she could spend time with her “father.” Of course, police knew that was a lie thanks to their set up.

On Wednesday, Ostoloza appeared in Manhattan Supreme Court, where she was told that she was found guilty.

Convicted Yolanda Ostoloza gave her daughter a “pimping list” of sorts. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Ostoloza sent her daughter out with a list of sexual services — a price sheet if you will — and condoms. She apparently stayed back in a hotel room while her daughter “went to work.” Evidently, nothing was off limits; it was all about making money.

It is unknown how many people the teen was with, or if she actually had sexual relations with anyone. It is presumed that the girl is in the custody of a relative (perhaps her father) or under the supervision of child protective services.

Ostoloza likely won’t be seeing her daughter for a while, but she doesn’t seem to be showing any kind of remorse.

“We came up here to work and make money with a pimp. I knew it was for escorting and prostitution. I thought my daughter was just going to do the fetish stuff,” Ostoloza told police according to the New York Post.