Jordan Queen Slams ISIS: Blames Islam ‘Silence’ For Terrorists’ Shocking Rise, Arabs ‘Complicit’

The Queen of Jordan lashed out not only at ISIS, the terror group wreaking havoc on the Middle East and responsible for the videotaped beheadings of three Americans and two British citizens so far this year, in her dramatic address at Tuesday’s Abu Dhabi Media Summit.

Queen Rania of Jordan also blasted her fellow Muslims and Arabs for their “silence” in the face of the shocking and brutal ISIS juggernaut.

“Our silence is the greatest gift,” the 44-year-old Queen said, as she lamented the “hijack” of social media outlets by ISIS propaganda. “They say, a story is told as much by silence as by speech. Well, our silence speaks volumes. We are complicit in their success.”

An especially gruesome ISIS video released earlier this week showed the severed head of American aid worker Peter Kassig, who had been a captive of ISIS since the terrorist group kidnapped him in Syria on October 1 of last year, as was en route to deliver medial supplies and food to refugees from the bloody Syria civil war.

The Kassig beheading video followed four previous ISIS videos depicting the horrific beheading murders of four other ISIS hostages.

“These images don’t represent me anymore than they represent you. They’re alien and abhorrent to the vast majority of Arabs – Muslims and Christians. And they should make every Arab across this region seethe,” the Queen of Jordan said in the speech that was decsribed as “blunt” and “hard hitting” at the media summit. “Because they’re an attack on our values as a people and on our collective story. This is their version of the Arab world’s story, their plot, their narrative, their heroes, and the rest of the world is listening and watching.”

Rania called on members of the Arab media to “create a new narrative and broadcast it to the world. Because if we don’t decide what our identity is and what our legacy will be, the extremists will do it for us.”

ISIS has had such success with its social media propaganda efforts that the United States has set up its own dedicated social media and propaganda operation specifically to counter the ISIS strategy. But as the Queen of Jordan pointed out, there has been no similarly concentrated anti-ISIS media effort coming from within the Muslim or Arab world.

“A minority of extremists are using social media to rewrite our narrative and hijack our identity,” Queen Rania of Jordan declared. “That’s what Isis is doing to the Arab world and all of us.”