Extreme Couponer To Conduct 11-Hour Black Friday Shopping Spree With 13 Helpers

Black Friday is beginning a lot earlier this year with many stores announcing that they will be open as early at 8pm on Thanksgiving Day and while that may sound crazy to many shoppers it’s a fact that TLC Extreme Couponer Joni Meyer-Crothers plans to take advantage of as efficiently as possible.

After sitting down with 25-people for a nice Thanksgiving dinner Joni will head out with 13-helpers on an 11-hour Black Friday shopping spree for her charity Miracle Christmas.

Her midnight shopping spree will send her husband Jamie to Game Stop with 2 friends while two others will be sent to Toys ‘R Us and 5 more helpers will be sent to Walmart, all with spreadsheets in hand to maximize their time at each location.

While all of her helpers out busy buying items Joni and her two daughters will be shopping at Kohl’s before the entire team of Black Friday shoppers meet up at J.C. Penney’s at which point they will all head to Target, Meijer, Learning Express and Costco. For a finale they will head to the mall to scout out other Black Friday deals that are too good to pass up.

Starting at midnight on Thanksgiving day the team hopes to end their shopping spree at 11am on November 25.

With the bought items benefitting four needy families it nice to see an extreme couponing mom who is doing more than fattening up her family with 70 bottles of mustard and 1000 cans of soda that happen to be on sale.

How do you plan to spend your Black Friday?


[Image via ShutterStock.com]