Selena Gomez’s Two New Song Leaks Are So About Justin Bieber

Selena Gomez fans got two unofficial gifts yesterday when two new songs leaked online. And, without giving anything away… they both appear to be about her on-off beau, Justin Bieber.

First song out of the gate was “Do It,” a delicious slice of shiny pop backed by a bouncy, dub beat. Selena is heard singing about having lots of intimate fun with a boy. No prizes for guessing who.

In the second verse, the pop princess delivers the lyrics.

“Damn I wish I didn’t feel so hypnotized /But when I look at you, baby, it’s justified / So I take what I want and give what I got / To hell with all the rules that keep it civilized / I’ll show you what I like, boy, boy, boy / If you show me what you like, boy, boy, boy.”

That was followed by the catchy chorus.

“If I had a choice / If I had my way / Boy you know we’d do it every single day / If I had a wish /And If I had my way Boy you know we’d do it every single day.”

We get the picture Selena!

The second leaked song, “My Dilemma 2.0” is a tougher version of 2011’s “My Dilemma,” which was first heard on the third album of Selena & The Scene.

It’s darker than “Do It,” and talks about a romance that blows hot and cold and drives the Disney alum crazy.

Justin, are you listening? This one has your name all over it too.

The 22-year-old sings, “You make me so upset sometimes / I feel like I could lose my mind /The conversation goes nowhere / ‘Cause you’re never going to take me there.”

In another part of the uptempo track, Gomez seems to address Bieber’s girl-crazy past.

“I heard the rumors, but you won’t come clean / I guess I’m hoping it’s because of me, and I know what I know / and I know you’re no good for me and I know it’s not meant to be.”

Our favorite part of the “My Dilemma 2.0” is the stomping bridge.

“One day I want ya and then I don’t / I’m gonna leave it and then I won’t / I can’t live live with or without you x2) / Here’s my dilemma,” the starlet sings.

Summing up her problem on the chorus tag, she concludes, “I find myself attracted to my dilemma, my dilemma / It’s you.”

Both leaked tracks will feature on Selena’s November 24-dropping “Greatest Hits” album For You, some of which also leaked yesterday.

The actress-singer is set to perform her stunning debut single “The Heart Wants What It Wants” at the American Music Awards on November 23.

The Latina posted a second reveal of her rehearsals on Instagram on Wednesday.

The pic is captioned, “AMAs.”