NASA Prepares To Launch Largest Mars Rover Ever Created

NASA officials on Saturday will launch what they are calling “a Mars scientist’s dream machine,” a new Mars Rover that is the largest-ever created.

According to the rover’s lead developer:

It’s not just big—it’s “the largest and most complex piece of equipment ever placed on the surface of another planet.”

The new device is 7-feet high and has been nicknamed Curiosity.

The new space exploration tool features a jackhammer and laser arm which will be used to break through Mars’ various rocks as it probes Martian soil.

With a price tag of $2.5 million the craft is meant to be used in an attempt to finally determine if Mars was ever capable of sustaining life. The rover will work off recent findings that the planet contains methane.

Speaking to one expert noted:

“I like to say it’s extraterrestrial real estate appraisal.”

The Mars Science Laboratory as it’s officially known will land on Mars with the help of a specialized crane system that scientists hope can one day be used to land humans on the Red planet.

Do you think the $2.5 billion price tag for the Mars Rover is money well spent or should the U.S. Government be focusing on projects that are closer to home?