Michelle Parker’s Friends Suspect Kidnapping After ‘The People’s Court’ Appearance

Just a few days before her appearance was set to air on The People’s Court Michelle Parker told her family and friends that she was dreading her appearance in which Judge Marilyn Milian berated Parker and her ex-fiancé Dale Smith.

During the show in which Smith was suing Parker for $5,000 after she threw her engagement ring over the side of a balcony the judge told the former couple:

“My 14-year-old has a more mature relationship with her boyfriend than you guys do,” while adding, “You’re both complete idiots.”

A friend tells PEOPLE:

“She wasn’t looking forward to seeing her dirty laundry on national TV,” a friend tells PEOPLE. “She was embarrassed.”

Now that Parker has went missing her friends say it was hardly likely that she would abandon her family, Angela Mann, a longtime friend of Parker revealed:

“She would never disappear and put her kids through this.”

“Her kids are her entire world. Anyone who knows Michelle knows that she did not voluntarily disappear. Somebody took her.”

In the meantime Michelle’s family and friends have started a command post in Orlando where they are asking for any information that may lead to Michelle’s discovery.

According to police Dale Smith is not a suspect in their investigation and he has been working closely with the police to tie up any loose ends they may have in regards to his former relationship with Michelle Parker.

Do you think shows like The People’s Court overstep their bounds in the name of mildly entertaining television?