October 20, 2016
Michael Brown Protesters Arrested Outside Of Ferguson Police Station

Michael Brown shooting protesters were arrested outside of the Ferguson Police Department on Wednesday evening. Anxiety and preparedness activities by both law enforcement and the public have increased at the Darren Wilson grand jury decision near.

Five Mike Brown protesters were arrested by Ferguson police, three of which were from Missouri. Two others were from Illinois and Wisconsin. One of the protesters held on refusal to disperse and unlawful assembly charges remains behind bars on an outstanding warrant. The hometown of the protester still being held in custody is not currently known.

Ferguson police officials reported that about 15 protesters gathered across the street from the station house during the early evening hours. Approximately one hour later, some of the protesters began obstructing traffic on South Florissant Street. St. Louis County police officers reportedly approached the demonstrators and told them to remove themselves, and if they failed to comply, they would be arrested. Exactly why county, and not local police, were used to take care of a situation outside of the Ferguson Police Department, also remains unknown.

After the St. Louis County police officer approached the Mike Brown protesters obstructing traffic in the street, more Ferguson shooting protesters arrived and laid down in the middle of the road. By midnight, the protesters began to dwindle, KMOV News reports.

If the Darren Wilson grand jury does not indict the police officer, he will be able to return to the force, police chief Tom Jackson said. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, a militant group calling themselves the Black Rebels has placed a $5,000 bounty on Darren Wilson's head. According to Twitter posts, the Black Rebels merely want to ask the Ferguson police officer some questions. A $1,000 bounty was offered for the whereabouts of close relatives of officer Wilson's.

A "Pants Up Don't Loot" billboard may soon be erected in Ferguson. Darren Wilson supporters have raised at least $3,000 to pay for the signage, but the actually purchasing of space has not yet occurred. Michael Brown protesters and the Don't Shoot Coalition recently issued a "19 Rules of Engagement" list to Ferguson area law enforcement officials. As already noted by the Inquisitr, one of the demands on the list says that police officers should not respond to "minor lawbreaking" such as water bottles being thrown. Other items on the list include not using rubber bullets and "militarized police" riot gear, equipment, or vehicles.

Do you think rioting and looting will occur again in Ferguson when the Michael Brown verdict is handed down by the Darren Wilson grand jury?

[Image via: KMOV]