Shark Attack! Scientists Using Bikini-Clad Girls to Bait Sharks

Would you take part in a program titled Shark Attack Experiment LIVE? That’s the new show being used by one marine biologist to prove sharks are not the deadly man-eaters they are made out to be in movies and hysterical documentaries. They just want a cuddle really! Er, maybe.

Dr. Ryan Johnson has free dived with sharks countless times, and has now recruited a team of ‘shark angels’ – that’s ladies in bikinis to you and I – to prove sharks will not naturally attack humans.

The program will be broadcast live from shark-infested waters off the South African coast, and will see Johnson’s female volunteers swim freely amongst sharks, hopefully without getting nibbled. Johnson says he and his volunteers have baited the sharks constantly for three months. In that time, there has not been a single reaction from the hundreds of Great Whites who populate the area, just half a mile from Mossel Bay, a popular beach which hasn’t seen a shark attack in over two decades. The good doctor explains to ABC:

“This is what the element of live TV can do. You don’t see that three months of filming cut down to that 20 seconds of gory action, action, action. You’re actually gonna see what Great Whites are like, doing little sharky things, being calm and they’re stunning to watch.”

The inherent tension of such a show will undoubtedly drag in viewers (without the cynical measure of using women in bikinis), but what if it does go wrong and an attack occurs? It seems Johnson won’t even entertain the possibility:

“All of us on this crew are convinced that what we’re doing is responsible. We wouldn’t be doing this if we thought we were going to get bit. It’s a chance for us to put ourselves on the line and prove our theories.”

Johnson and his volunteers will also be tempting the animals with the smell of human blood and urine. Yeah, rather them than me.

Shark Attack Experiment LIVE will air Friday, November 25 on the Nat Geo WILD channel. Will you be tuning in like me to cheer Team Shark?