Myron May: Florida State Gunman Bizarre Facebook — 'Targeted Individuals,’ ‘Remote Neural Monitoring’

The Florida State gunman, who opened fire in a university library shortly after midnight Thursday morning wounding three students, has been identified as Myron May, a former student at Florida State University who went on to become a lawyer.

But despite the appearance of a successful and upscale attorney, who listed himself as the in-house counsel for Taunton Family Children's Home in Wewahitchka, Florida, on May's Facebook page he posted a number of ominous Biblical passages, a short rant against "our government" and a bizarre image depicting a Google search for "targeted individuals."

In the image, a finger on the Google search points to the familiar Google "I'm Feeling Lucky" button.

Florida State gunman Facebook post

The "targeted individuals" post, which May had shared from another Facebook page, was posted to his Facebook timeline on November 16, less than four full days before May opened fire in Strozier Library on the Florida State University campus in Tallahassee.

"Targeted Individuals International" is the name of a Facebook group for people who believe they are being spied upon and harassed by remote, electronic means such as "microwave mind control."

May was killed by police outside the library when, reportedly, he defied police orders to set his weapon down and instead leveled it at the cops who surrounded him and actually squeezed off a round.

"The initial report indicates that as the officers got to the area, they located the gunman near the entrance to the library and he was challenged by those officers to drop his weapon," Tallahassee Police Spokesperson Dave Northway said. "Instead of complying with their demands, the gunman turned and fired a shot at the officers and they returned fire, killing the suspect."

A Twitter user located some facts about May's resumé, which appear to depict nothing out of the ordinary.

May's most recent residence was a guest house owned by Abigail Taunton, who operates the non-profit Taunton Family Children's Home, a foster home "for children who have no other place to go due to various circumstances," the home's Facebook page says.

May's final Facebook post before the rampage was a Biblical verse which appears ominous in retrospect: "Blessed are the poor in spirit: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. — Matthew 5:3"

On November 13, May posted a quote from former Black Panther leader Bobby Seale, which read, "The people have now come to realize that the only way to deal with the oppressor is to deal on our own terms and this was done."

And perhaps most alarming and strange, on November 15, May made a post in an unusual style for him, all capitals.

The post featured a YouTube video which can be viewed at this link. The video deals with the subject of "Remote Neural Monitoring," which is supposedly a mind control "technology" used by the National Security Agency to read people's thoughts and predict their behavior, according to those who believe in its existence.

The Florida State University gunman graduated from FSU in 2005. Though his age at the time of is death has not been confirmed, that graduation date would make Myron May approximately 30 years old.