Has Robbie Kidd Officially Ended Leah And Jeremy Calvert’s Marriage? Jeremy Is Flirting With Other Women [Report]

Robbie Kidd is the man in the middle of the ongoing drama between Leah and Jeremy Calvert. The Teen Mom 2 couple’s marriage has been on the rocks for over a month, and now it appears they may be officially heading for divorce.

According to a November 19 report by The Ashley’s Reality Roundup, Jeremy is allegedly living as if he were already single. Following Leah’s tweet about failure, Jeremy, who has reportedly been working long hours as of late, went out for a night with friends at a Buffalo Wild Wings in Ohio. As he and his friends enjoyed their evening together, eating, drinking, and chatting with others, Jeremy reportedly hit on a woman who wasn’t his wife Leah.

The site claimed a source who was present on that very night claimed Jeremy’s friend went up to the mystery woman in wing man style, telling her that Jeremy wanted to buy her a drink.

“The girl declined, her friend says, because she was driving,” the site reported. “The friend then asked if Jeremy could have the girl’s number, but again she declined because she is currently in a relationship.”

Despite her not giving Jeremy her number, the woman sat and chatted with the reality star, along with her female friend.

“He said a lot of girls want his number but he was making his friend keep her number if she gave it to him so it wasn’t in his phone because he said he’s going through a divorce,” the source told The Ashley. “He was probably shocked she turned him down!”

After Jeremy took to Twitter on October 17, telling fans he caught his wife cheating on him with Robbie Kidd, Robbie spoke to Radar Online, claiming, “Nothing has happened between Leah and I. I am currently dealing with my own family issues.”

Kidd also revealed he recently split from the mother of his young daughter, and claimed he had “no idea” where the rumors started.

“Hard to tell around here,” he added.

A short time later, Robbie Kidd called into the 4 Sh*ts N Giggles radio show, where he weighed in on claims he was caught sneaking into Leah’s home by a deer cam, as the Inquisitr reported.

“I have no idea where the deer cam sh*t came from. I guess Jeremy’s dad said something about seeing me on his deer cam going in to Leah’s house but I’ve never been to Leah’s house,” Robbie insisted, according to Starcasm.

Robbie also claimed Jeremy had heard the rumor from friends, and confirmed he had been living with Leah’s brother, Isaac, up until recently.

“Apparently he [Jeremy] came in from town working and he was at a gas station and ran into one of these buddies who told him that the rumor around town was that me and her had slept together and that I had been driving her car around.”

As the Inquisitr reported, Jeremy revealed his thoughts on Robbie Kidd on Twitter before he deleted his profile. In a message to fans, Jeremy poked fun at Robbie for being broke, claiming he couldn’t afford a Big Mac.

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