Microsoft To Roll Out Office 15 Beta On January 15

Microsoft will begin allowing beta testers to download Office 15 as early as January 15, 2012 according to a recent scoop.

The new option is said to be completely redesigned with a focus on touch and pen based units. The Office 15 software suite is also expected to be designed around the company’s net Metro interface which will allow it to integrate flawlessly with Windows 8.

First reported on the WinRumors website the screenshot above shows the new look for Microsoft’s Outlook e-mail client. As you’ll notice the new output seems to be simplified with less buttons and a white color scheme, a design that meets today’s web standards while still providing the functionality users want.

A preview of the Office 15 software suit is expected at CES 2012 in Las Vegas.

Are you ready for Microsoft Office to be completely redesigned for 2012 standards?