'Parenthood' Spoilers, Return Date: 'Lean In' Teases Big Return, Tension, And Covert Mission

The fall finale of Parenthood airs Thursday night, and fans are anxious to embrace every moment of the show's final season. There is a big return ahead that may throw a wrench into a key Braverman relationship. What Parenthood spoilers are available for the November 20 episode?

Jason Ritter returns in the Season 6, Episode 9 show titled "Lean In." Hank and Sarah will be supporting Ruby in her school play, and that's where Ritter's character, Mark Cyr, comes in to play. Sarah and Mark exchange some looks and pleasantries as Hank and Sandy stand in the middle of it all. Could Sarah end up with Mark again before the series ends?

The Parenthood spoiler synopsis via TV Guide teases that there is an open house at Chambers Academy, but things are tense between Max and Dylan and it causes challenge at the event. In addition, Zeek will pull Drew in to some type of covert mission. The preview also makes it appear that Zeek's health takes a turn for the worse again.

There will be more from Julia and Joel as well, though it is too soon to know if they will manage to reconcile and find a happy place together again. Fans have loved watching Erika Christensen and Sam Jaeger throughout the ups and downs of this couple's relationship, and most seem to be hoping for a happy ending where they repair their marriage.

While many fans online are frustrated with the focus on Ruby this season, others are following along with Zeek's health issues, Amber's pregnancy, and Joel and Julia's marriage woes. Executive producer Jason Katims promises resolution for Julia and Joel before the series ends, but he's not necessarily promising a happy ending in terms of the marriage surviving. There are definitely difficult times ahead for fans and the Bravermans before all is said and done.

As E! Online shares, cast and viewers alike are all anxious about the storyline ahead where it has been said a Parenthood character dies. From the sounds of things, it won't happen until very late in the season, as it would appear that it hasn't been filmed yet and not everybody knows exactly what is slated to happen. In terms of how the final season has played out so far, many fear that Zeek will die, but some suspect that ultimately the show will go in a more shocking direction.

When does Parenthood return after its winter hiatus? Past seasons of the show have typically returned right away in January, and The Futon Critic currently lists the Season 6, Episode 10 show with a January 8 air date. However, fans will have to stay tuned for now for confirmation of that. This final episode will consist of 13 episodes, so viewers can expect those final shows airing in 2015 to be powerful and hopefully satisfying.

Will viewers be left hanging as the fall finale of Parenthood airs and the winter hiatus hits? How will it all end when the series wraps after the final episode?

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