‘The Big Bang Theory’ Spoilers: Sheldon Dresses In Drag, Bernadette Is A Mean Girl [Video]

The Big Bang Theory fans will have to say goodbye to Sheldon Cooper’s fun and informative Fun with Flags series tonight in “The Champagne Reflection,” and they might also see Bernadette say goodbye to her job if she doesn’t adjust her mean girl attitude.

Sheldon Cooper Presents: Fun with Flags has provided plenty of cute Shamy moments, and the long-running web series can boast two pretty big celebrity guests in Star Trek stars Wil Wheaton and LeVar Burton. In a promo for tonight’s episode of The Big Bang Theory, viewers learn that Shamy’s days of teaching vexillology (the fascinating study of flags) are about to be over. However, Sheldon promises that the 233rd episode of the series will be a “flagtacular” event that will include a bit where he dresses up like Betsy Ross. As the Inquisitr previously reported, LeVar Burton will also appear in the Fun with Flags grand finale.

Viewers can expect to see Sheldon offending LeVar more than once.

Tonight’s episode of The Big Bang Theory isn’t going to be a 22-minute Fun with Flags special — fans will also get to see what Sheldon’s friends are up to while he’s busy playing “Fwag, Not a fwag” with his frenemy Barry Kripke (John Ross Bowie). According to CBS, Leonard, Howard, and Raj will spend their time digging through a dead professor’s files in hopes of finding some noteworthy research. Meanwhile, Bernadette will be shocked when she finds out what her co-workers really think of her (she’s a bully, basically).

In the clip below, Bernadette makes what could be a career-killing mistake by bashing her boss’ 7-year-old grandson. When Bernadette labels the poor kid a “wuss” for crying, Penny tries to defend him by pointing out that he was being picked on by a mean kid. Unfortunately, Bernadette is just a grown-up mean kid — she believes that bullying builds character.

Bernadette makes some pretty cruel comments about “crybabies,” but she’s the one who ends up in tears in the promo photo below.

Bernadette Crying On The Big Bang Theory

While Bernadette is crying, her husband will be cracking jokes about a dead professor.

Because tonight’s episode of The Big Bang Theory deals with death, it might make many fans think of the passing of 62-year-old actress Carol Ann Susi. Susi was never seen on the show, but she provided the iconic voice of Howard’s mother. Many fans are probably wondering how The Big Bang Theory will handle Susi’s passing, but TV Guide’s Matt Roush thinks that it’s too soon to tell how the situation will be addressed.

“One thing you can count on, given the nature of that show, is that they won’t censor or soften any jokes and material that have already been produced. The funnier the better, I’m sure the late Carol Ann Susi would agree. But beyond that, it’s premature to speculate on whether they’ll retire the character or find some other way to deal with Howard’s mother — although replacing the actress seems unlikely, given how long she has been associated with this never-seen yet very vivid performance.”

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Carol Ann Susi was determined to make it back to work after falling ill.

“She was too ill to come into the studio to record her lines for the episode that was to be her last. She recorded them at the hospital and sent them in along with a promise that she would be back at work soon — ‘bettah than evah.'”

The Big Bang Theory airs tonight at 8 p.m. ET on CBS.

[Image credits: CBS]