‘How To Get Away With Murder’ Spoilers, Return Date: Fall Finale To Reveal Who Killed Sam Keating

The fall finale of How to Get Away with Murder airs Thursday night, and anxious fans will finally get some big reveals. When will the show return? What spoilers are available for the November 20 episode? There are some great tidbits available, and fans won’t want to miss them.

The Season 1, Episode 9 show is titled “Kill Me, Kill Me, Kill Me.” How to Get Away with Murder spoilers indicate that viewers will finally see what led to Sam Keating’s death, and the killer will be revealed. According to Katie Findlay, who plays Rebecca, the shocker may not be the killer’s identity as much as the way it all played out.

Findlay chatted with TV Guide to share some How to Get Away with Murder spoilers. She teases that the cast was most shocked about “the actual nuts and bolts of it.” She says who killed Sam, whether it’s Rebecca or someone else, is less important than the details of how it came to happen.

The actress goes so far as to say that the “process of how Sam ends up where he ends up” is messy, complex, freaky, and intense. The fall finale will take place entirely on “Murder Night,” and Sam’s killer will be revealed about halfway through the episode.

At this point, most signs point to Rebecca, and Findlay doesn’t say much to point theorizing fans in any other direction. It may well play out that Rebecca killing Sam isn’t ultimately intended to be the key development, but rather the events that created the situation are what viewers will be talking about.

The idea that Rebecca may well be the killer, but that there’s much more to it, was reiterated by Findlay via TVLine. Their How to Get Away with Murder spoiler tidbits tease that Findlay says she doesn’t think it is possible for Sam’s killer to be a total surprise, in part because there are so many theories floating around. However, she says that it’s how everything goes down that is the real story. She teases that everybody gasped during the table read of the big reveal.

When will the show return after the winter hiatus? How to Get Away with Murder comes back on Thursday, January 29, so fans won’t have to wait too long. According to Buddy TV, the first season will wrap with a two-hour finale on February 26. After that, ABC will debut an 11-episode Felicity Huffman and Timothy Hutton show called American Crime. Then, later in the spring, a 10-episode show featuring Ryan Phillippe and Juliette Lewis called Secrets and Lies will take over the time slot.

Will viewers get the payoff they’ve been waiting for with the fall finale of How to Get Away with Murder? Spoilers have given fans plenty of teasers to work with, but in true Shonda Rhimes fashion, the way it all plays out will surely leave viewers stunned.

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