7 People Arrested By FBI After Amish Haircutting Attacks

FBI agents on Friday arrested seven people who they suspect took part in an Amish haircutting attack ring. According to reports the group worked for breakaway Amish sect leader Sam Mullet.

Among those arrested were Sam Mullet, four of his family members and two other followers. All seven people arrested in the FBI raid were found hold up in a compound in Bergholz.

Because cutting their beards and hair is considered a major offense in the Amish community the attacks are being investigated as hate crimes. The bible instructs men and women to let their hair grow, something that is taken very seriously by Amish leaders and their followers.

If convicted of a hate crime each person involved could face up to 10 years in prison.

According to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette it’s believed that the hair-cutting attacks were in response to Mullet’s excommunication from the community by Amish leaders who viewed the sexual conduct at his church as a threat to their way of life.

According to Sam Mullet he “didn’t order anything like” the hair-cutting, however he also says “I didn’t tell them not to.”

Do you think hair cutting attacks should be counted as a hate crime? I’m honestly surprised that the closely guarded Amish community actually brought in FBI officials to help them.