'Grey's Anatomy' Spoilers, Return Date: Arguments, Heartbreak Ahead In 'Risk' Fall Finale

Thursday night Grey's Anatomy fans will be watching the fall finale as the show goes into a brief hiatus until after the holidays. When will the show return? What Grey's Anatomy spoilers are available for the November 20 episode? There are definitely some great tidbits available and fans will not want to miss them.

TVLine shared a new Grey's Anatomy spoiler sneak peek into the fall finale episode titled "Risk." Dr. Derek Shepherd may have already told the president he was passing on the brain-mapping initiative opportunity, but it seems the president doesn't like to take no for an answer. In the midst of a busy day, Shepherd's got somebody from the White House at the hospital pushing for him to reconsider.

The Grey's Anatomy spoiler synopsis via TV Guide adds that Meredith and Maggie will be joining forces on a case, but their plan doesn't sync up with Derek's. Apparently this case disagreement will spark a bigger argument between Meredith and Derek. In addition, Callie will blame herself when a veterans project patient is pushed too hard. There will also be a case involving a routine procedure that brings about a devastating diagnosis.

Additional Grey's Anatomy spoilers via TVLine indicate that Dr. Herman will start showing some bizarre behavior. Callie will then go behind her back looking for additional information. Just what is coming for Dr. Herman? It seems she will play into the happenings of this episode in multiple ways.

There will be some key scenes with April, Jackson and their baby in "Risk" as well. She's getting an ultrasound and the Grey's Anatomy spoiler sneak peek shows that Stephanie is doing the test and accidently lets the baby's gender slip. While April is annoyed by that, Edwards find something else seemingly far more concerning in the results. Will April and Jackon's baby be okay?

Another preview shows Edwards talking to Arizona about her discovery, and it appears that something quite serious is transpiring with April and Jackson's baby. It seems that this may well be that devastating diagnosis on the way.

How long will the winter hiatus be this season? Season 11 of Grey's Anatomy picks up again on Thursday, January 29. Will Meredith and Derek manage to find harmony in their marriage? What else is set to go down at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital as the rest of season 11 plays out?

Fans can't wait to find out what Shonda Rhimes has in store for them, and they'll see how the second half of the season is set up in the fall finale of Grey's Anatomy airing on ABC on Thursday, November 20.

[Image via IB Times]