Rick Ross' New Album 'Hood Billionaire' Is Now Available For Streaming

Rick Ross' new album, Hood Billionaire, is presently available for streaming a week before the tunes hit retail shelves.

If you want to sample the rapper's latest collection of tunes before you toss your hard-earned money in his general direction, then Radio.com suggests swinging by iTunes. Every song on the upcoming record is currently available free of charge, which means you don't have to empty your wallet next week should your ears violently reject what Ross is serving up.

The website also points out that Rick Ross' last endeavor, Mastermind, shot to the top of the Billboard Hot 200 during its first week of release. Not surprisingly, the rapper and his record label are hoping Hood Billionaire will follow in its predecessor's footsteps.

Here's the big question: Has Rick Ross crafted songs that are worthy of your spare change? Should you spend your money on the guy's record when it's finally available for purchase? According to the Plain Dealer, the album definitely has some great things going for it. For example, Rick's rhymes are reportedly powered by some pretty sweet beats.

"Say what you will about Ross and his lyrical limitations, but the guy can pick beats. 'Hood Billionaire' features yet another collection of hard-hitting anthems. Timbaland delivers a barrage of drum beats on 'Movin' Bass,' while V12 The Hitman provides the haunting keys on 'Keep Doin That.' Other production highlights come from DJ Toomp and Maybach Music Group's in-house producer Hood Billionaire."
Dan Garcia over at the Early Registration believes that Rick Ross' latest creation is a worthy contender for your extra scratch. Although the rapper probably won't win any new fans with the outing, Garcia believes fans will have no problem embracing what Rick has put together.
"Again this album is not going to likely change anyone's opinion of Rick Ross, but Hood Billionaire is worth its weight in Kilo references. While the cynical may find Ross' raps and subject matter too repetitive, others (myself included) only want to hear more about Ross' dealings. You don't have to sell drugs to enjoy Hood Billionaire but you certainly will need to turn up the volume when you play this one in your car. Rick Ross is two for two when it comes to making rap bangers in 2014, and it is comforting to see that he is not slowing down or suffering in quality as he continues to put out more and more music."
Are you planning to stream Rick Ross' Hood Billionaire? Do you plan to pick up the rapper's album when it arrives next week?

[Lead image via NetwortHQ]