‘The Walking Dead’: Norman Reedus’ Mom Is A Caryl Shipper

Norman Reedus recently revealed that Caryl shippers have a very special woman in their corner: Norman’s mom!

Many fans of The Walking Dead want to see Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) and Carol Peletier (Melissa McBride) couple up, and the writers recently rewarded their shipping with an episode all about Caryl’s crazy adventures in Atlanta. The pair of fan favorites didn’t share any romantic moments in “Consumed,” but the episode definitely didn’t stop viewers from rooting for the couple. In fact, EntertainmentWise reports that Norman Reedus’ mother joined Team Caryl after watching the episode.

After the episode aired, Norman Reedus tweeted a text conversation with his mom. Mama Reedus shared her thoughts about Daryl and Carol’s quest to save Beth Greene (Emily Kinney), and it’s pretty obvious that she isn’t too concerned about the fate of Daryl’s younger apocalypse pal. She also loves emojis.

Norman Reedus Mom Text

Hopefully Reedus’ mom doesn’t start getting hate mail from The Walking Dead fans who think that Daryl and Beth are meant to be.

Caryl and Bethyl shippers often get into arguments over which woman would make the best love match for Daryl Dixon. Both factions of fans might agree that The Walking Dead is great TV, but they’ve been known to get into nasty online battles over Daryl’s love life. Unfortunately, fans of Beth Greene are currently losing the shipping war; Emily Kinney hasn’t been seen on The Walking Dead set for weeks, and there are whispers that she might die in the midseason finale.

If Emily Kinney’s days really are numbered, Melissa McBride doesn’t want Caryl shippers to celebrate Beth’s death. McBride recently told Entertainment Weekly that she’s not a fan of the Walking Dead fan wars that just seem to get nastier every week.

“Yeah, I get it from a fan point of view. I get it. But there is a certain part of that fandom that reads a lot of the fan fiction, and fan fiction goes there. I’ve read one fan fiction ever, and it was very lovely and sweet. It wasn’t the smutty stuff. But I’ve heard about it. It’s fun though. But there are so many ships — so many ships sailing. They’re going to conk into one another, and it can get a little nasty and that kind of makes me sad. They can get nasty to one another. It’s just a TV show. No need to get nasty to each other. Especially because nothing has happened.”

Daryl Dixon might not find love before the midseason finale, but Norman Reedus posted a revealing tidbit from a TV Guide interview that indicates that the November 30 episode of The Walking Dead is going to be an emotional one for Rick’s second-in-command.

Norman Reedus TV Guide

As for this week’s episode of The Walking Dead, you can see the promo for “Crossed” below. Some fans will be happy to know that the show is going to quit focusing on one group at a time. The promo shows Daryl Dixon back with Rick Grimes & Co., Beth holding Carol’s hand, and Glenn holding a gun as he gazes off into the distance.

Do you agree with Norman Reedus’ mom that Daryl and Carol would make a cute a couple, or are you tired of all this talk about shipping?

[Image credit: AMC]