I Am Alive probably won’t be coming to PC, piracy to blame

It’s pretty clear at this point that Ubisoft considers piracy on the PC platform to be a considerable problem, and they are undeniably right – it is a problem. Their solution, as many PC gamers are aware, was to impose restrictive always-on DRM on the PC ports of their titles.

Apparently, the company is going for an even more harsh form of anti-piracy with I Am Alive, which is to not release it at all. That’ll show ’em!

“We’ve heard loud and clear that PC gamers are bitching about there being no version for them,” Stanislas Mettra, creative director at Ubisoft for I Am Alive, told IncGamers.com. “But are these people just making noise just because there’s no version or because it’s a game they actually want to play? Would they buy it if we made it?”

Even in the case that people are interested in buying it, Mettra still considers a release on the PC to be more trouble than it’s worth.

“It’s hard because there’s so much piracy and so few people are paying for PC games that we have to precisely weigh it up against the cost of making it. Perhaps it will only take 12 guys three months to port the game to PC, it’s not a massive cost but it’s still a cost. If only 50,000 people buy the game then it’s not worth it.”

Are you disappointed that I Am Alive most likely won’t be coming to the PC?