Tori Spelling Holiday Card: Dean McDermott, Kids Come Together As Rumors Of Discord Persist

Tori Spelling’s holiday card shows the True Tori star with husband Dean McDermott and their four kids, Liam, Stella, Hattie and Finn. Are Tori and Dean on more solid ground these days? Nobody is sure what to believe at this point, but Tori shares that she’s in love with their holiday card.

Spelling shared the card via her Instagram page and her blog, naturally giving praise to the site where she created them and sounding a wee bit like an advertisement. Despite the many stressful moments Tori and Dean have shared in the past year, Spelling writes on her blog that the holidays are her favorite time of year. She says the season makes her happy and she loves the cooking, crafting, gift-giving and festive décor.

Tori adds that she is grateful for the many amazing and supportive people she has in her life, and at the bottom of the post it does note that it is “sponsored by” While the reality TV star does her best to paint a cheery holiday picture on her blog and holiday card, other reports floating around make it sound as if life is still stressful in the True Tori family’s home.

Season 2 of Tori and Dean’s show is still airing, but it’s been a rocky journey. McDermott has said he does not want to film the show beyond the current episode commitment, but Spelling has indicated that she might be interesting in continuing it without him. Dean even told Today that he would support her going on with the show without him if it helps her.

That said, it can be tough to tell where things really stand for McDermott and Spelling. True Tori is filled with fights, drama and tears, but then Dean and Tori have been photographed looking somewhat more happy together. According to InTouch via Radar Online, however, things are not in a good place. Their sources claim that Tori is worried that Dean has been cheating again and she’s even filled out divorce papers, though McDermott supposedly doesn’t know about the move yet.

Will Tori and Dean really manage to stay together once the cameras stop rolling for True Tori? Does their holiday card reflect a truly happy family, or is there still serious discord in the home of Tori Spelling, Dean McDermott and their four kids? Fans are never quite sure what to think and, for now, they’ll need to simply stay tuned and see what comes next.

[Image via Tori Spelling’s Instagram]