[Rumor Mill] EB Games in Canada mixing used games with new ones

If true this move by EB Games, otherwise known as GameStop everywhere else, is indeed true the proverbial shit is going to hit the fan; or possibly not given this apparently is only happening in Canada, so far.

It seems that an employee of EB Games forwarded some rather interesting information to the Kotaku game news blog. According to this information it seems that employees of the EB Game stores are being told to mix in “used” games with the “new” games. Not only that but that the old “used” games must be placed at the top of the pile with the “new” copies at the bottom of the pile.

Yes you read that right. Now when you go into an EB Games store you won’t be able to tell if you are buying a new version of a game or if in fact you are buying a copy that someone has returned for whatever reason.

While Kotaku is still waiting for confirmation from EB Games about the facts regarding this another tipster has apparently reached out to the site with additional confirmation that this is indeed happening. The employees have also been told to get rid of all advertising materials to do with used games.

If true this is going to prove to be a huge PR problem for the company, especially heading into the holiday shopping season.