Rodney Fowler Walmart: Man On Scooter Arrested At Walmart After Attempting To Steal Steaks

Effie Orfanides

Rodney Fowler was arrested at Walmart in South Carolina after he tried to steal steaks from the store. According to the National Ledger, Fowler was in a scooter, likely because of his size (he's 5'5" and weighs 350 pounds), and decided to try to lift steaks from the butcher area by stuffing them under his rear end.

"Suspect sat on the steaks and exited the store passing all points of sale, without attempting to pay for said merchandise," read the police report in part. Someone at the store saw Fowler putting the steaks underneath himself and quickly reported the crime.

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"Due to his size, the suspect was cuffed using two pairs of cuffs. Cuffs were double-locked and checked for fit," read another part of the police report. According to Opposing Views, Fowler spent three hours at the Spartanburg County Jail before he was released without bond. It is unknown why he tried to steal the steaks but it sounds like he won't be facing any criminal charges.

Rodney Fowler may not visit that Walmart store any time soon, but maybe he doesn't really care about being embarrassed, who knows?

In other Walmart news this week, a case has been closed involving LSD in steaks purchased at a Florida location. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, police have not figured out how a couple of steaks got tainted with the drug and closed the case after eight months. The news first hit the web when a family fell ill after consuming the contaminated meat. The family has recovered, and police remain baffled.

"All of the victims recovered completely and none are suffering any adverse effects from the LSD exposure. There is no further investigation at this time," said Detective Rachel Cholnik.

Presumably Walmart dumped the steaks that were sat on by Rodney Fowler, though that is unclear. It is not believed that he was doing anything strange with the steaks (like tainting them with LSD, for example), however. He just didn't want to pay for them, apparently.

[Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons]