Laptop Deals You Need To See

Looking for amazing laptop deals this Christmas season? Whether it’s for you or a loved one, the Black Friday promotions that have been announced for this holiday season offer some great laptop deals, whether you’re looking for a replacement for your desktop, something mobile for use on public transportation, or something in between.

Apple MacBook Pro at Best Buy for $899

The MacBook is a great all around machine if you’re already invested in the Apple ecosystem of devices. Known for not having too many viruses targeted towards it and being generally pretty stable, this laptop deal is great for someone who just wants to turn their computer on and have it work. If you’re thinking of this deal for a video-gaming enthusiast on your list, however, check in with them first. While MacBook laptops can be great for video and music editing, they tend not to be awesome gaming machines.

Asus 11″ Laptop at Staples for $99

On the other end of the performance continuum, this laptop deal from Staples could be a great machine for someone who needs something just a touch bigger than a netbook with enough memory and computing power to keep working on that novel or paper while they take a bus or train to work. Note that while this laptop does have 32GB of hard drive space, it also comes with Windows 8.1. This laptop is likely going to need some cloud computing love and the deal does, in fact, come with 100 GB on Windows OneDrive for two years.


Dell Inspiron 15 for $189.99, Inspiron 3000 2-in-1 for $349.99 at Dell

These laptop deals are worth singing about. The Inspiron 15 is a machine which, like the MacBook, is designed to replace your desktop. The 4GB of RAM and the Celeron chip may make it still a little bit light weight for the serious gamer on your list, but the casual gamer or student you’re shopping for would probably be pleased. The 2-in-1 laptops are a super cool recent addition to the laptop/tablet market, and seeing a Black Friday deal for one is exciting. Meant to help out those who want the features of a laptop in the convenience of a tablet, 2-in-1s fold over at the hinge so they can function as both. Both laptops come with 500GB of hard drive, which stores a lot of pictures and music.

If none of these laptop deals are quite right for you or those on your shopping list, keep looking. Many stores will announce their Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals over the next few weeks — the perfect item is right around the corner!

[Image from Geek]