Helicopter Crash Leaves Pilot Shaken, But Alive [Video]

Putting up a Christmas tree may not seem like a dangerous task, but tell that to New Zealand helicopter pilot Greg Gribble. Gribble was nearly killed while installing the Telecom Christmas tree. Gribble’s helicopter ran into a nearby cable while trying to install a giant Christmas tree and crashed to the ground in Auckland’s crowded Viaduct Basin. Gribble miraculously walked away from the crash.

Here’s the video of the helicopter crash.

Auckland Now reports that Gribble, who works forAuckland firm Helisika Helicopters, didn’t suffer any serious injuries in the crash. Gribble was, however, a little shell shocked after the incident.

His wife, Elaine, said:

”He’s just been sitting in the chair, shell-shocked. He’s very, very lucky, God was on his side there.”

The Civil Aviation Authority has launched an investigation into the helicopter crash. Gribble’s crash occurred just a few yards away from workers, bystanders, and multi-million dollar luxury yachts.