‘Once Upon A Time’ Casts New Ursula, Cruella De Vil Photos Revealed

Once Upon a Time is going crazy with the villains during the second half of season 4. A trio of Disney’s most beloved bad girls is coming to town, and they might make it much harder for Regina to get her happy ending. Regina’s Operation Mongoose obstacles will include her old pal Maleficent, a magical Cruella de Vil, and the sea goddess Ursula.

Viewers were introduced to two different versions of Ursula last season. The Evil Queen pretended to be the sea goddess to trick Ariel, and this did not amuse the real Ursula — she confronted Regina by appearing in one of her mirrors, and she issued a threat to the Evil Queen.

“Next time you claim to be me, you’ll find out just how real I am.”

She said this because Regina had previously expressed her belief that Ursula was just a legend, not a real magical being.

The last time Ursula appeared on Once Upon a Time, she was in CGI form and was voiced by Yvette Nicole Brown. According to Entertainment Weekly, this time around The Little Mermaid villain will be portrayed by Alias actress Merrin Dungey.

Merrin Dungey Ursula

Her role will be a recurring one, and Storybrooke’s poor unfortunate souls better watch their backs when Ursula teams up with Maleficent (Kristin Bauer Van Straten) and Cruella de Vil (Victoria Smurfit).

Once Upon a Time showrunners Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz hinted that this terrifying trio of villains might appear in the December 14 midseason finale. During an interview with TV Line, they revealed that a gaggle of bad gals is going to stir up trouble in Mist Haven.

“In the Enchanted Forest, things get classically evil as we face off against an embarrassment of witches.”

If Cruella de Vil is a part of this “embarrassment,” her character will have to get a major Once Upon a Time makeover. She doesn’t possess any magical powers in 101 Dalmatians, and all she wants to do is create fabulous fur coats. If this Cruella showed up in Storybrooke and tried to skin poor Pongo, Regina could easily crush her heart or poof her away.

The Once writers will have to turn Cruella into a more formidable foe, so perhaps they’ll re-imagine her as a sorceress who hunts magical beings like unicorns and bandersnatches. However, it’s already been revealed that spotted puppies won’t be completely left out of the Cruella equation — as the Inquisitr previously reported, Belle actress Emilie de Ravin was spotted playing with a Dalmatian puppy on the Once Upon a Time set.

Photos of Victoria Smurfit as Cruella de Vil have been popping up on Twitter, and Once Upon a Time Fans will not be disappointed — if she doesn’t scare you, no evil thing will.

It’s likely that the trio of witches will face off against Regina. Regina will spend the second half of the season searching for the author of Henry’s magic storybook in hopes of rewriting her fate, and the villainous women might try to stop the formerly evil queen from getting her happy ending. Two of the witches have reasons to be upset with Regina — the Evil Queen stole Ursula’s identity, and she stole the dark curse from Maleficent before imprisoning her former friend underneath the Storybrooke clock tower. There’s a very high probability that Regina also had a bad run-in with Cruella sometime in the past (maybe she stole one of her fabulous fur coats).

Unsurprisingly, Rumplestiltskin (Robert Carlyle) is going to have some sort of interaction with the three villains. He needs to fill his Fantasia wizard’s hat with magical beings if he ever wants to break free from the Dark One’s dagger, and a trio of witches might possess enough magic to completely power up the pointy sorcerer’s cap. The photo below is evidence that Rumple will share scenes with at least two of the malicious ladies.

Are you looking forward to seeing Cruella de Vil, Maleficent, and Ursula during the second half of Once Upon a Time?

[Image credits: ABC, Twitter]