‘Sons Of Anarchy’ Spoilers: Theo Rossi, Kim Coates Tease Satisfying, Unpredictable Series Finale

Only two episodes of Sons of Anarchy remain before the epic series finale and fans are dying to know what’s going to happen. Tueday night’s episode, where Jax learned that Gemma killed Tara, earned high praise from viewers. Where are things headed in the final two episodes? Theo Rossi and Kim Coates, who play Juice and Tig, chatted with Larry King to share a few Sons of Anarchy spoiler tidbits.

Long-time SOA fans know that detailed Sons of Anarchy spoilers regarding Kurt Sutter’s specific storylines end up being rare. That said, Rossi and Coates said that they couldn’t believe the finale script. They tease that things will get worse and better and worse and better in these last episodes and that things will be unpredictable.

In Tuesday’s show, Jax learned key details regarding Tara’s murder and Juice told Gemma he had revealed the truth. Gemma said goodbye to Nero and ran. However, previous Sons of Anarchy spoilers revealed that there will be a touching scene ahead yet between Gemma and Jax.

Some have speculated that Gemma might die in a car crash as she runs from Charming, but previews and details from Katey Sagal indicate that she won’t get off that easily. She will have to answer to Jax for what happened, it seems, at least to some degree.

Coates says that Episodes 11, 12 and 13 are “like no other” and they are filled with “epic, epic drama.” Now that Episode 11 has aired, fans can agree and can’t wait to see what lies ahead in the final two shows. Coates also said that there probably won’t be a dry eye in the house when the Sons of Anarchy finale is all over.

Will fans like the SOA ending? Rossi and Coates both hesitated as they tried to decide how to answer. They finally said that it will be an “extremely satisfying” ending.

Who will still be standing as Sons of Anarchy ends? Nobody outside the cast and crew have the answer to that one yet. However, E! Online dished out one juicy Sons of Anarchy spoiler detail that there will be another death before the show ends. Will it be Juice, Gemma, Jax — or someone else? There are a lot of theories, but it’s unlikely anybody will know for certain until it plays out on FX.

As Kurt Sutter was still writing the rest of the season, he had indicated that he envisioned two SAMCRO members dying before the end of the season. That has happened now, but fans can’t be sure that Sutter’s vision for the final few episodes didn’t change. Of course, it may be that the death yet ahead is someone not an actual member, or no longer a member, of SAMCRO. When it comes to Sutter and his storylines, the only predictable thing is that he aims to be unpredictable.

SOA spoiler photos leaked as the finale was being filmed reveal that Jax, Chibs, Tig and Happy are together at least at some point of Episode 13. In addition, it seems that Teller will ambush someone, likely Marks, to try to finally exact the ultimate revenge he’s been seeking. Beyond that, nobody knows for certain just what’s going to go down.

Episode 12 is titled “Red Rose” and airs on December 2, with the show taking a break the week of Thanksgiving. The series finale, Episode 13, airs on December 9 and is titled “Papa’s Goods.” How will Sons of Anarchy end? Will fans really feel satisfied? Viewers can’t wait to find out.

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