Tallulah Willis Shaved Head: 20-Year-Old Tallulah Pulls A 'G.I. Jane,' Shaves Head

Tallulah Willis shaved her head and looks very similar to her mom, Demi Moore, circa 1997. According to Fox News, the 20-year-old daughter of Demi and Bruce Willis took to her Instagram account to show off her new look. Fans were somewhat surprised that Tallulah shaved her head, but many seemed to dig her with super short hair. As she herself points out, she has a good head shape (it's genetic apparently), so the hair (or lack thereof) style totally works for her.

"[Tallulah] posted a pic of her Moore in 1997 when she shaved her head for the military drama G.I. Jane. She captioned the photo: 'mawms is bae. #thankgodgoodheadshapesruninthefamily.''

Tallulah Willis' shaved head got praise from her family as well. She was out to support her sister Rumer, who tweeted, "@buuski is a bad ass b*tch #GIjane #rawbeauty." Tallulah's other sister, Scout, also made mention of the new hair-less cut. She posted a Vine of Tallulah singing Sinead O'Connor video of "Nothing Compares 2 U" and captioned it "Sinead O'@buuski," fitting her sister's Twitter name in there perfectly.

According to Mail Online, Tallulah cut her own hair and her sisters were there for the occasion -- which was taped. You can check out the short video of Tallulah ditching her locks on Instagram.

"With no fear or hesitation, the youngest of the three Willis siblings used the hair clippers and removed small patches of her locks. In the footage, her sister Scout is seen capturing the moment on her cell phone and squealing in awe."
As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Tallulah was having some body issues earlier this year and she went through a pretty rough time for a while. At one point, she seemingly poked fun at her condition and posted photos of her stomach, which looked like a baby bump. Definitely not pregnant, Tallulah went along with a joke... and later spoke out about a condition that she is suffering from called body dysmorphia.

"I was trapped in this body. I started starving myself and losing a bunch of weight and I got down to like 95 pounds. When I lost my curves and when my boobs shriveled up into like nothing and I had no shape, it put me in even more of a cage," Willis explained in a video for StyleLikeU (via Fox News).

Do you like Tallulah Willis with a shaved head?

[Photo courtesy of Tallulah Willis / Instagram]