'Parenthood' Star Engaged: Erika Christensen Set To Marry Cole Maness

A Parenthood star is engaged, even though her character is struggling to make her marriage work on-screen. News is now out that Erika Christensen is set to marry cyclist Cole Maness. Christensen, who plays Julia Braverman-Graham on the NBC show, was apparently gushing about her impending wedding at a recent cocktail party.

Page Six broke the news on the Parenthood star's engagement. Not long after that, Erika Christensen confirmed the news via her Instagram page as fans rushed to congratulate her. Though she regularly shares photos including Maness on her social media pages, the two haven't typically made much of a fuss publicly about their relationship.

Photos Christensen has shared include her biking and him on the set of Parenthood, and they've been together for a while now. At this point, however, Erika and Cole haven't revealed anything about their wedding plans.

Many fans of the actress know that she is a Scientologist, as she's discussed in the past how she follows Scientology, as do her parents. As the Daily Mail notes, she has said that there are many misconceptions about the church, a religion also followed by Tom Cruise, Kirstie Alley and John Travolta. Many will remember there was quite a bit of buzz and controversy when Leah Remini left Scientology just before her stint on Dancing With the Stars.

Christensen has said she will expose her children, should she some day have them, to Scientology and let it grow from there. Whether Erika plans to pursue having children soon after her wedding to Maness remains to be seen. Since her role as Julia Braverman has just wrapped, many would imagine that now may be an excellent time for her to dive fully in to wedding planning and perhaps soon building a family.

As fans know, Parenthood is know in its final season. The fall finale, titled "Lean In," airs on Thursday night. The show returns after the holidays, but only a handful of episodes remain before the Bravermans bid a final farewell to viewers. How will it all end? Fans are anxious, and a bit worried, to find out. There has been talk via multiple Parenthood spoiler tidbits of a heartbreaking loss coming before all is said and done, and viewers are waiting to see how it will all play out.

While Erika Christensen has confirmed her happy news, fans will have to stay tuned for now to learn more regarding the Parenthood star's engagement and wedding plans.

[Image via Enstarz]