Julien Blanc Is Not Welcome In United Kingdom

Notorious “pick-up coach” Julien Blanc has been banned from the UK after at least 136,000 people signed a petition that aimed to block him from getting a visa. The power of the people has spoken in this case and a clear message has been sent to the man that many have dubbed a misogynist. The Daily Mail reports that he had intended to travel to Britain to lead a seminar on how to pick-up and seduce women, but his techniques have angered numerous people to the point of turning him into the mainstream media’s latest pariah.

Minister Lynne Featherstone, a liberal politician and member of Parliament, claimed that Blanc’s presence in the UK would likely cause an increase in sexual violence. That assertion is likely due to the self-styled “pick-up” artist’s own techniques, which have included choking women and harassing them with the intent to get sex from them. Canadians have lashed out at his suggestions of giving women “roofies” to get sex, calling him a rapist.

He also recently shared a diagram on social media that depicted the cycle of domestic violence, according to a report by the Mirror. However, he labeled it with the tagline “how to make her stay.” The checklist included on the diagram listed the “symptoms” of an abusive relationship, such as a partner isolating the other from loved ones or threatening suicide to keep a relationship intact. All of these behaviors are red flags and indicators of an abusive relationship — something that Julien Blanc reportedly sees as leverage to keep women submissive.

Blanc operates under the business name Real Social Dynamics, or RSD, and considers himself an executive coach. The man travels all over the United States and the world, holding seminars that cost thousands of dollars to attend. In fact, the seminar that was scheduled for London was expected to cost around £1,200.00 per head.

The hashtag #JulienBlanc on Twitter is attracting a lot of discussion, mostly from people who support the UK decision to ban him, but some also appear to be in support of the notorious “pick-up” coach. Even noted journalists and celebs are speaking up on Twitter about this situation.


It’s definite that the barring of this controversial American has sparked heated discussion overseas. Apparently, more people have been barred from visiting Britain under the current Home Office administration than ever before. So, not only is this case pulling at the public’s sense of decency, but there are very clear political undertones that are attracting people to the story for differing reasons.

[Photo credit: Gawker]