ABC’s ‘The Bachelor 2015’ Spoilers: Chris Soules’ Finale Set In Surprising Location

ABC’s The Bachelor 2015 is almost done filming and Reality Steve’s spoilers are dishing out some great tidbits. Will Chris Soules find love? Where do things stand with filming at this point? This season has already been full of surprises, and Steve’s latest Bachelor spoilers dished out some new, juicy tidbits that fans won’t want to miss.

Reality Steve’s spoilers for Chris Soules’ season had previously detailed that the final three ladies would jet off to Bali for the final dates and rose ceremonies. Now, Steve is tweaking those previous spoilers with an interesting change. It turns out, he says, that the final two won’t be doing their last dates and the final rose ceremony in Bali after all. Rather, Steve’s Bachelor spoilers detail, Chris and his final two ladies have returned to Iowa.

Quite a bit of filming has taken place in Iowa this season, the state where Chris lives, and many would imagine this is to give the bachelorettes a solid opportunity to see if they can really envision living there.

The rose ceremony that narrowed the final four bachelorettes down to three was held in Iowa, Reality Steve’s spoilers detail. Now the last dates between Soules and the final two bachelorettes, the family meetings between the ladies and Chris’ family and the final rose ceremony will all go down in Iowa as well.

Steve’s Bachelor spoilers indicate that the final rose ceremony is slated to take place the weekend of November 22. He believes it will either be in Dubuque, where the final four rose ceremony was held, or in Arlington, where Chris lives.

At this point, Reality Steve’s spoilers have only dished out the identities of three of the final four ladies: Whitney Bischoff, Jade Roper and Becca Tilley. He says he’s doing things a bit differently this season and while he knows the fourth hometown date recipient, the final three bachelorettes and even the final two ladies, he’s in no hurry to reveal the scoop.

Will Chris Soules find lasting love this season? Fans will have to wait to find out, but the Bachelor’s creator Mike Fleiss has just teased via Twitter that fans need to buckle up, as it’s going to be a wild ride this season. Stay tuned for more Bachelor spoilers from Reality Steve, as the final details fall in to place and be sure to tune in to the premiere airing on Monday, January 5, on ABC.

[Image via Ragbrai]