Audrina Patridge Gets Cash for Clubbing

Audrina already gets paid too much for doing too little. . . and apparently she also commands paid-for appearances at clubs at the going rate of $5,000 per hour! Thanks to, we get to experience the wonder that is her freshly-inked deal with a San Diego Club. Audrina’s on a get-paid-for-doing-nothing streak and (like Heidi and Spencer), she’s laughing all the way to the bank:

“The Maxim model, 23, demands ‘a secure VIP area with complimentary beer, mixed drinks and bottle service (two bottles) and at least one security guard at all times,’ according to the rider.”

I’d prefer to see Whitney Port partying it up any day, and at least she wouldn’t be giving photogs the dead eye (see above as well). If that security team has to do anything except escort Audrina to and from her car because so many people actually care, this is some sorry news indeed. Stay tuned and hope for the best.

Image: WireImage