Buffalo Snow: Six Feet And Counting, Photo And Tweet Roundup From Around The Western New York Region

Buffalo snow fall is 6-feet deep in some areas around the western New York region. Eight people have died in the big freeze which fell upon New Hampshire, Michigan, and New York overnight. Cold blasts have brought temperatures down to 20 degrees and the weather forecast shows no signs of relief in the near future. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has mobilized the National Guard to help dig out residents and businesses.

Snow and wind gusts forced a 132-mile stretch of Interstate 90 in New York to close. As previously reported by the Inquisitir, temperatures in all 50 states were at or below freezing for at least a few moments on Tuesday. The winter blast which created the Buffalo snow emergency is expected to continue through Saturday. At least slightly warmer temperatures are predicted for Sunday and Monday.

Buffalo and western New York residents have reported collapsing roofs, caving doors, being trapped inside their homes and stranded on highways. The unseasonably cold weather and massive snowfall has caught many unprepared. Keeping an emergency bag, or bugout bag along with a first aid kit inside vehicles and at work is highly recommended by FEMA and public health agencies. Long term storage food, an alternative heat source, and water or water-filtration straws can mean the difference between life and death when trapped in a vehicle overnight.

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One Buffalo man was found dead inside his car surrounded by several feet of snow. A portable folding shovel could also be included in emergency bags – the shovels have an edging which may be helpful in cutting through a seatbelt and breaking door glass. A little “finger saw” is lightweight and cheap and can cut through small branches to use as kindling to start a fire and prevent hyperthermia and frost bite.

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Buffalo firefighters carried an injured man 10 blocks, roughly one mile, in the extreme cold and high snowfall to get the patient to a hospital. The Buffalo snow was so deep that it was impossible to travel to South Buffalo Mercy Hospital by vehicle. Hundreds of first responders on are fire, police, and EMS departments worked tirelessly in the severe cold, while knee-deep in snow, to help as many stranded motorists and trapped residents as they possibly could on Tuesday.

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Buffalo, NY was hit by snow so intense it looked like a wall, leaving up to 60 inches (1.5 meters). #BuffaloSnow pic.twitter.com/MoKsOg18PI

— JRehling (@JRehling) November 19, 2014

Are you prepared to be trapped inside your home or stranded on the highway if a Buffalo snow storm hits where you live?

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