Cancelled TV Shows 2014: ‘Hot In Cleveland’ Cut, ‘Ressurection’ In Danger, And ‘Revenge’ Is On The Fence

More news on cancelled TV shows for the 2014 season is out, as we embark on finishing out the year. On Monday, Hot in Cleveland was cancelled after airing six seasons on TV Land. Some cancelled programs are still airing, such as A to Z and Bad Judge. Manhattan Love Story, Mulaney, Selfie, The Millers, Two and a Half Men, and Utopia will not be renewed after this year.

This week’s predictions for ABC, CBS, NBC, CW, Fox, and others are revealed at TV By The Numbers. Each week, they update ratings and predict which shows are most likely to be cut next season. Last week, ABC’s Resurrection could go either way; this week, the website’s “cancellation bear” predicts the show will end for sure.

Glee, Parenthood, Parks and Recreation, and The Mentalist are all in their final seasons.

About A Boy, Constantine, CSI, Marry Me, and The McCarthy’s are “likely” to be cancelled. Forever, Gracepoint, and Red Band Society are “certain” to be cancelled, according to the site. Marry Me has another five episodes ordered, but if it airs after The Voice, the show is deemed essentially “dead” and just filling space until The Voice has a new lead-out.

Show that are right in the middle and could be cancelled or renewed are: Blue Bloods, Cristela, Hawaii Five-O, Jane The Virgin, Last Man Standing, Madam Secretary, Reign, Stalker, The 100, The Good Wife, The Mindy Project, and The Mysteries of Laura. Renewal or cancellations are possible with these shows. It’s not a for-sure prediction. They may have time to turn their current position around.

According to an updated Us Weekly report, Hot in Cleveland will end in 2015 after season 6 wraps and The Mentalist will end February 16, 2015.

As Us observes, the Fall 2014-15 season had a great start, without one show being cancelled until late October. It’s a huge feat for TV shows to make through half a season, let alone a full one. Another reason why the decisions are coming later this year has to do with networks waiting to pull the plug on shows. They wait for DVR readings in order to get a more accurate analysis of which shows should go and which stay.

The cancelled TV shows’ final list for 2014-15 will be out in May. As each week passes until then, the ratings become more crucial for networks in determining which shows they need to cut.

[Image via CBS]