Apple Begins Hiring Senior Web Execs To Help Design Next Generation Cloud Apps

In an attempt to push further into the web applications market Apple this week began recruiting “senior-level” officials.

According to the Wall Street Journal the company has been very aggressive in their efforts and even started chasing a “prominent internet entrepreneur” from 2011.

Under their plans it’s believed that Apple would like to create more apps that allow users to carry around less devices while still receiving the type of support they need from different types of programs.

Managers for Apple would likely work closely to create iCloud based program that expand on the company’s offerings. For example iCloud currently does not allow for the streaming of songs or videos from the Cloud, a feature prominently showcased via Google Music and other rival sources.

Hiring the upper echelon of the tech elite is nothing new for Apple, in 2010 as iCloud was still being developed the company attempted to hire workers from analytics firm Quantcast, content provider Yahoo and various other Bay-Area companies.

In any case Apple will have a lot of catching up to do versus Google, the world’s largest search engine has developed an entire business culture around web accessibility and their cloud service, Android platform and even their still developing Google Chrome OS all heavily rely on internet connectivity in support of customer demands.

Do you think Apple can make a swift climb towards the top of internet connectivity by poaching top level managers from today’s hottest internet properties?