Groom Weds Longtime Girlfriend Then Commits Suicide

Fernando Brazier, 28, and girlfriend Trudian Hay, 26, had been dating since they were in high school and have two children together, however their journey took a sad turn on Saturday after the couple wed and hours later Fernando threw himself into the Harlem River, taking his own life in the process.

Waking up the morning after their wedding Hay says she found a note from her newlywed husband at the hotels front desk, in the note he left his wedding ring with a note that said he “couldn’t take it anymore.”

According to the bride’s sister:

“He said [in the note] he couldn’t take it anymore, and to take care of the kids.”

News of Brazier’s suicidal tendency is nothing new to his family, he recently went to counseling with Hay and his sister says of his recent mood leading up to the wedding:

“He would tell me that Trudy is a good person, [but] he didn’t want to marry her; he was feeling like he was pressured.”

Meanwhile his brother tells the New York Post that he wanted his children raised in one home:

“He always said, ‘Certain things, you have to do.”

According to those in attendance at his wedding reception he looked happy as he danced with his bride although his aunt says that before the wedding when asked if he wanted to go through with it he said:

“It’s too late now.”

It’s not very often that “till death do you part” is so short lived.

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