TNA News: Dixie Carter Will Announce TNA’s New Television Deal Today

Today is the big day for TNA wrestling, as the Inquisitr reported yesterday that a deal would come within 24 hours. Well, that can now be confirmed as TNA-president Dixie Carter announced on Twitter this morning that there will be a new television deal coming sometime this afternoon.

The news comes off the hands of a pretty bad year for Impact Wrestling. Ratings for the number-two wrestling promotion in the world keep going down and the management isn’t doing anything to raise them back up. None of us are in the boardrooms, but from the outside looking in, there seems to be a lot of mismanagement occurring. Carter, without the wrestling background that Vince McMahon has, is in trouble.

Rumors spurt out a few weeks ago that TNA could land on the Destination America network that isn’t highly-popular like Spike TV is. Personally, I’ve never heard of the that network before, which might spell doom for Impact Wrestling down the road.

Yet again, there is always room to play devil’s advocate with any story. Apparently, few wrestlers that are outside of the promotion don’t think they will fail; in fact, some may sign with the wrestling promotion in the next year. Alberto Del Rio, whom was previously released by the WWE in the Summer, could be headed to TNA in the coming year.

“According to, those two companies are the El Rey Network’s Lucha Underground, and TNA Wrestling.

“He noted that neither contract would be signed until January 2015. Both Lucha Underground and Impact Wrestling will begin taping their next line-up of programming in January, although we are still waiting to hear the official word on which network TNA will land on.”

This could surmise that TNA actually has money to play with CM Punk apparently was offered a contract with TNA a few months ago that was reported to be “Hulk Hogan money.” Not many people are worth the cash Hogan is, but Carter thought Punk could rejuvenate the promotion to heights its never seen before.

As Carter said to in her tweet earlier, will have all of the latest information on the new destination for Impact Wrestling. With many great talents housed there, it would be a shame to see them all go elsewhere. After all, the WWE isn’t interested in any of the TNA talents.

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