Mariana Bridi da Costa, Brazilian Model, Loses Both Hands and Feet

Mariana Bridi da Costa, a Brazilian model, has been forced to have both her hands and feet amputated as she fights a dangerous blood infection. Mariana Bridi is now in intensive care at a Brazilian hospital.

Mariana Bridi’s Struggle

Mariana Bridi, only 20 years old, was diagnosed with a urinary tract infection, CNN reports. The infection apparently spread and developed into something known as septicemia, or the poisoning of the blood with bacteria. The septicemia was restricting the levels of oxygen making it to Mariana Bridi’s limbs, which is why doctors opted to amputate her hands and feet last week. They have since had to also remove both Bridi’s kidneys, and even part of her stomach.

Bridi is now on life support and limited to communication only by blinking her eyes. Doctors say she is “very critical,” CNN indicates, and her chances of survival are small.

About Mariana Bridi

Mariana Bridi da Costa had been on a fast path to success until her health issues began this past month. After coming in sixth place in the Miss Bikini International competition in China — she placed first for the “Best Swimsuit” contest — Bridi was preparing for a national modeling contest held by the person who discovered Giselle Bundchen. She had already twice come in as a finalist to become Brazil’s representative for Miss World. Bridi had planned to move to Sao Paulo to begin studying journalism this coming year.

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Mariana Bridi Video

The final clip is a Brazilian news report about Mariana Bridi da Costa’s health struggle.