Miss World Contestant Disappears: Search Begins As Miss Hondurus Is Reported Missing

Authorities in Honduras have detained two men for questioning in the case of missing beauty queen María José Alvarado.

Alvarado disappeared just days before she was to board a plane to London to compete in the Miss World pageant. Alvarado, went missing with her older sister, Sofia Alvarado, 23, on November 13. They were last seen leaving a party in a car that had no license plate reports The Guardian.

Jose Coella, a police spokesman, told media that officers had detained and were questioning Plutaraco Ruiz, Sofia Alvarado’s boyfriend and Aris Maldonado. Police believe the two men were the last to see Alvarado sisters before they went missing.

“Both are being questioned as part of the investigation into the disappearance of [María José Alvarado] and her sister. We hope to establish what role they may have played,” Coello announced.

The sisters went missing, after they were seen leaving a party, about 20 minutes from their home in Santa Barbara. Their disappearance has led to authorities setting up checkpoints in Santa Barbara and surrounding towns.

Despite finding no clues so far officials insist that chances are great that they will find the missing sisters alive.

“Nobody has asked for a ransom for their liberation and there have been no bodies found. These are strong signs that they are still alive,” Inspector Vincent Reyes said in a phone interview with The Guardian.

Patrols have been set up along the Honduras border. Honduras has the worst murder rate in the world. Kidnappings are not uncommon there.


Most violent crime, in Honduras, are linked to feuds between rival street gangs. So far no connection has been found between the sister’s disappearance and the local gangs.

“I want the world to know that they are good people and they always thought others were like them. They were honest and happy and trusting, We can only pray that they are ok,” the missing women’s oldest sister, Cory Alvarado said.

Cory told media that her sisters are extremely close and that they spent a lot of their time together. The eldest sister said María José was more reserved and that she was studying at a local private college. The college has organized a march calling for the sisters safe return.

Eonline! reports that Maria beat out 18 other contestants to win the Miss Honduras crown back in April. Her online profile states that her aspirations are seek a career in government as a diplomat for her country.