Bill Cosby Narrowly Avoided Criminal Rape Charges in 2005

Bill Cosby could have faced criminal rape charges back in 2005, but a Pennsylvania district attorney chose not to pursue those charges. Mediaite reported on Tuesday that district attorney Bruce Castor still stands by that decision today even in the face of all of the latest rape accusations piling against the comedian. He says that there wasn’t enough evidence of a sexual assault in order to charge him, even though he admits that there was likely truth to the accuser’s story.

“I certainly thought that he probably did something he shouldn’t have, and I wasn’t a fool. I knew that if I arrested him I was going to become a famous man, so I had a lot of incentive to want to go ahead.”

Of course, he also had incentive to not go ahead with those charges given the fact that Cosby is one of America’s most beloved figures. The district attorney said that the 2005 case stemmed from an accusation made by a former Temple University employee. Since the employee waited a year to tell anybody about the alleged rape, Castor claims that investigators were unable to gather forensic evidence against Cosby.

It’s been nearly a decade since Bill Cosby narrowly evaded criminal rape charges and a handful of women have come forward with accusations against him. Most recently supermodel and former host of America’s Next Top Model Janice Dickinson has come forward with a graphic rape accusation against him. It seems that a new accuser has come forward every week since mass attention was directed to Cosby’s perverted reputation. Meanwhile Deadline reports that Netflix has canned its plan to stream a Cosby comedy special the day after Thanksgiving. This comes on the heels of reports that the scandal-plagued comedian’s Letterman appearance was cancelled.

Pressure is now being put on NBC to drop its development of a sitcom that will star Bill Cosby. It’s going to be another family comedy, much like the memorable Cosby Show, and stars the comedian as the head of a family with sons, daughters and grandchildren. In fact it seems like a modernized repackaging of the old 80s sitcom. While many people are calling for NBC to stop its production of this show, the hashtag #TeamCosby exists on Twitter, but the fans of the disgraced icon don’t appear to be in as large of numbers as those who are disgusted by the growing number of women who are accusing him of sexual assault.


[Photo: Inquisitr.Com]