Bill Maher Mocks Mormon Religion, Calls It A Faith Based On A Sex Cult

Comedian Bill Maher has in a recent tirade against Mormonism termed the it is a faith based on a 19th century sex cult. Maher’s not so kind words against the Mormons came just days after the Mormon church revealed that its founding prophet John Smith had as many as 40 wives. The revelations came after a number of essays were posted online by religious leaders who were on an effort to come clean about the history of the religion, reports the Washington Times.

Bill Maher who is usually seen bashing Islam seems to have liked the change and did not waste any time in going on a tirade against them Mormons soon after the essays began to be publicly discussed. He called the religion a sex cult deep rooted in the 19th century.

“This religion is based on a sex cult. It is plainly based on a 19th century sex cult. And if we didn’t have Mormonism, we’d have to invent it for all the religious people who need something to look down on because they believe in something crazy, this would be it,” Bill Maher says.

He further adds.

“What I love is he said he had a revelation in 1831 from an angel who said, ‘Marry plurally — get as many b–—s as you can up in there.’ Joseph Smith, [the church] says, resisted three times until the angel came down with the sword, threatening Joseph with destruction unless he obeyed. And you can’t argue with an armed angel.”


The recent revelations also add that one of John Smith’s wives was only aged 14 while some others were already married to some of his friends. One of his wives was aged 56, the essays revealed. In an earlier report the Inquisitr had said that many of the religions adherents believe that polygamy was commanded by god and that it was revealed to Smith. However, it was followed only reluctantly by his followers.

This is not the first time Bill Maher has taken on and ridiculed a religion. He has targeted almost every major religion in the world and has said that he hates how most of them try to push their religious views on others. Bill Maher also happens to be an atheist.

Do you think Bill Maher was needlessly critical of the religion in this particular instance?

[Image Via The Daily Caller]