Hair Dye Causes Coma, Second Case In Two Weeks

Julie McCabe, 38, collapsed and then fell into a coma just moments after applying hair dye to her scalp over the weekend. According to reports McCabe is the second person in the UK in as many weeks to have an allergic reaction to one of the chemicals found in 99% of hair dye’s currently available on the market.

Several weeks ago a 17-year-old in the UK died 20 minutes after she applied a normal amount of hair dye and that investigation is still on-going.

While the exact cause of the coma’s are still under investigation researchers say the chemical Paraphenylenediamine cause cause an allergic reaction in one out of every 250,000 people. According to studies the “contact reaction” does not always occur during first use and usually it is only mild when experienced.

McCabe slipped into her coma after using a hair dye product from L’Oreal Preference.

Speaking about her unfortunate event her father told the Daily Mail:

“I promise for the sake of my daughter and other women to get this chemical outlawed in Britain.”

For their part L’Oreal has already offered to help the family investigate their product’s part in the incident.

Because of known reactions the dye industry has urged users to try a special skin test before proceeding with a full hair dye treatment regiment.

Do you believe an immediate recall of all products featuring Paraphenylenediamine should be made or should further research be conducted to determine the exact cause of the coma’s before issuing recalls?

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