Pippa Biddle: Letter To Sisters About Her Sexual Assault Will Break Your Heart!

If there is one crime the United States in general will despise (especially towards younger generations), it is easily sexual assault. The Inquisitr knows how terrible this crime is and reports on the latest pertaining to it to help spread awareness. For most people, sexual assault is presently recognized through the Islamic State’s treatment of young Yazidi girls. However, such atrocities happen in this country such as a family accused of incest who starved their baby and abused their other children. There are even some families whom actually make child abuse a business, such as Brittney Wood‘s family.

Probably the saddest part about sexual assault is that most of its victims will never report the crime. Victims of Crime actually list child abuse statistics in which one out of four girls and one out of twenty boys are victims of sexual abuse. If one were to compare those numbers to the number of times sexual assault was reported or at least talked about, the ratio is terrible.

That is all changing as more people – both male and female – are sharing their heartbreaking testimonies of one of the most painful experiences they’ll ever experience. Out of all the testimonies, Pippa Biddle’s story is getting a lot of attention because it is presented in the form of a heartbreaking letter to her sisters.

Pippa Biddle
Philippa (Pippa) Biddle is a well-known speaker, entrepreneur, and writer.

For those who don’t know, Philippa Biddle – or just Pippa Biddle – is a well-known speaker and entrepreneur. She is also a Youth Representative to the United Nations (UN) for the Jane Goodall Institute, on the Editorial Board of The FBomb, and on the board for Onwards, a non-profit that alleviates poverty through socially responsible tourism. Also, Pippa is also an accomplished writer with articles written not just for The FBomb, but also Elite Daily, Go Girl Finance, and others.

Just by the description provided, Pippa Biddle seems to be quite successful with a strong sense of direction when it comes to her career. However, sexual assault does not see gender, class, popularity, race, preference, or anything else for that matter. The strong-willed and successful can have their own personal demons and Pippa exposes the one on her sexual assault as written in her article.

“In the spring of 2013, I was spending a rare night out with some friends, including a friend of a friend that I’d never met before. I had been drinking and we had flirted, and even kissed, earlier that night. But when I went off to sleep in the spare bedroom of the apartment we were in and he, also a guest, asked if I wanted a ‘cuddle buddy,’ I responded with what I believed to be a clear and vocal ‘No.'”

“When, a while later, I was woken up by him crawling into bed next to me, I again said ‘No.’ And when he started choking me, I struggled, showing ‘No’ through my behavior. As young women, we are taught that there is power inherent in the word no.”

“Unfortunately, in my case, saying no didn’t work.”

Pippa Biddle then writes she’s been sexually assaulted before. What makes this incident different is that Pippa took a stand. Even though she didn’t go through the legal motions because she believed in a high likelihood that her attacker would be found “not guilty,” Pippa instead took to writing this article. It took over a year and went through many incarnations but it eventually got published.

Pippa Biddle
Pippa Biddle with her sisters, the primary reasons why she told her sexual assault story in the first place.

One important factor that should be reported is one of the reason why Pippa Biddle wrote: her sisters. Though writing her story may have been a form of coping or therapy, the statistic that one out of five girls are sexually assaulted gave Pippa the fear her sisters may have also been victims of sexual assault.

“What has scared me more than anything is what my silence may have meant for you. Nearly one out of every five women in America has been the victim of sexual assault. It terrifies me that you might be living with the same secret as I have been, because you feel the same shame, fear, and isolation that I once did.”

Overall the article is an very good read, though it is heartbreaking. It exposes a victim’s personal experience when it comes to the crime of sexual assault. So if you have the time, please take a gander at Pippa Biddle’s heartbreaking letter to her sisters on her official website, RYOT, or A+.

If you read Pippa Biddle’s heartbreaking letter to her sisters in its entirety, what are you views about it? Do you find her to be brave to talk about such a terrifying experience in her life just to help others, especially her sisters?

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