‘The Voice’ Live Results: Viewers Make Their Feelings Known About Sugar Joans

The Voice wrapped up with two painful departures, but not before host Carson Daly hit viewers with yet another twist for Season 7.

As it turns out, those who leave the Top 12 will have a chance to come back as a “wild card.” So from this point on, goodbye isn’t really goodbye. A departed favorite could very well return and win The Voice!

One such departed favorite that’s highly unlikely to capitalize on this feature is Sugar Joans.

She represented the very bottom of tonight’s bottom three. Not only was her single the lowest performing all singers competing on The Voice, she was the only artist who failed outright to break the iTunes Top 200.


Insult to injury came during the brief live window provided for America to save Joans, Jessie Pitts or Ryan Sill.

Pitts fans put up more of a fight as there were perhaps more of them to do so. But in the end, it was Sills who was given another chance to impress Voice viewers. Although Pharrell Williams is a big Sugar Joans fan, it seems that the majority of Voice viewers continue to not share his enthusiasm for the R&B songstress.

But perhaps there is a light at the end of the tunnel for Sugar.

If Williams is determined to bring Joans to the world, it could mean he will work with her no matter what. It wouldn’t be the first time a Voice competitor who failed to win ended up with assurances that a coach would work with them. Will this be the case with fellow eliminated Voice contestant Jessie Pitts?

Before the results were revealed, Voice coach Blake Shelton insisted that no matter what, the two would “remain friends.” Perhaps that friendship will include a record deal and an indie album.

On other end, happier of the spectrum, it seemed that iTunes did indeed help to predict which artists would be safe and which Voice contestants would be in danger.

As previously suggested, there was a strong possibility that iTunes sales could provide a strong hint as to which Voice participants would be headed home.

Team Adam enjoyed a strong advantage. Not only was Matt Andrews the only singer to crack the top 10 (and score a major bonus), it was the ONLY team where all three members were sitting in the Top 30 when voting closed.

Not too surprisingly, only Voice coach Adam Levine had no member of his team at risk of going home.

The iTunes positions seems to strongly echo America’s ongoing affection for certain front-runners.

Reagan James was the one notable exception. She charted lower than the eliminated Jessie Pitts. However, unlike Jessie, Reagan was voted into the Voice Top 12 by viewers.

It seems that Voice viewers know exactly who they want to save.

That may not bode well for the recently rescued Ryan Sill.

Chris Jamison won over voters handily with his performance of Nick Jonas’s “Jealous” and other persons not voted into the Top 12 directly are gone. Sill must hope for a serious misstep among his competition while upping his own game if he’s to stick around beyond next week.

Did the eliminations on The Voice surprise you? Who do you think will be headed home next week?

[Image Credit: The Voice Official Facebook]