Jon Stewart Attacks ‘Emperor’ Obama, Points Out Contradictory Immigration Reform Statements

Famed Comedian Jon Stewart made some jabs at President Barack Obama’s handling of immigration reform. On The Daily Show Monday night, Stewart pointed out that it only took “one bad midterm election” for the president to significantly change his tune on how immigration reform should be handled.

President Obama is expected to take executive action on the issue of immigration; however, as Stewart points out, it was just last year that the president said he would not supersede Congress on the issue because he is “not the emperor of the United States.”

Stewart starts the immigration segment by saying he will never forget February 14, 2013.

“I’ll never forget how on February 14, 2013, I logged onto Google hangout to … find out if our president would address the issue without Congress.”

On Valentine’s Day 2013, President Obama hosted a Google hangout to answer questions. One of the questions presented in the hangout was regarding immigration reform. One user asked how he planned to curb immigration deportation. Obama responded that he was not the emperor.

“My job is to execute laws that are passed and Congress right now has not changed what I consider to be a broken immigration system. I’m the president of the United States. I’m not the emperor of the United States.”

However, it seems that Obama’s stance has changed. According to Stewart, we now must assume Obama does consider himself the Emperor of the United States. Just this week President Obama announced he would create an executive order to give amnesty to youth immigrants as well as their families. So what made Obama change his tune? Why is it okay now for the president to override Congress on the issue? Stewart seems to think it has to do with the poor democratic showing in the mid-term elections. Stewart says that all it took was “one bad midterm election” for Obama to decide to take matters into his own Emperor hands.

The segment was cleverly titled Guardian of the Amnesty. It is important to note that Stewart did not just attack President Obama. He also poked fun at John A. Boehner’s response to the executive order, and Republican Joe Barton who says “impeachment would be a consideration” for Obama’s actions.

What do you think of Jon Stewart’s Guardian of the Amnesty segment?