Will Darren Wilson Be Cleared By Grand Jury In Michael Brown Shooting?

Will Darren Wilson face murder charges after fatally shooting Michael Brown? From the tone of numerous media reports this week, it seems that confidence is low that he will be indicted. First Coast News reported on Tuesday that the FBI believes Ferguson is going to riot over the grand jury decision. This indicates a high possibility that the police officer may not be charged.

If Wilson isn't indicted over the shooting death of Michael Brown there is really no telling what may happen. That is why a state of emergency was declared yesterday by Missouri Governor Jay Nixon. Apparently authorities as high up as the Federal Bureau of Investigation believe that the community of Ferguson is going to break out in violence over the upcoming decision. If that's the case, it could very well surpass the violence of the L.A. Riots of 1992. On the other hand, the presumed threat of riots and street violence could be nothing more than media fear-mongering.

Local 10 News (an ABC affiliate) reports that the grand jury technically has until January to release the decision on whether or not officer Darren Wilson will be indicted on murder charges. However, Governor Nixon's state of emergency is only active for the next 30 days with the anticipation that a decision will be released between now and then. If the grand jury decides to wait until near-deadline, the Governor's executive order can be expanded. Naturally, the community of Ferguson is on edge awaiting the decision.

Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson reportedly shot 18-year-old Michael Brown, hitting him approximately six times. The shooting stirred protests on the streets of the St. Louis suburb, but many witnesses have come forward with stories that match the officer's version of what happened that day. Officer Wilson claims that he had no choice but to shoot Michael Brown, who had allegedly attacked him in his own cruiser before attempting to disarm him. The Daily Caller reported in August that over a dozen witnesses confirmed the story told by the officer.

ABC News reports that Wilson may still remain an officer with the Ferguson Police Department if he is not indicted by the grand jury. However, it's anybody's guess as to why he'd want to after this controversy. It's also hard to imagine whether or not the man would choose to even live in Ferguson after what has happened. On the other hand, if he is indicted he faces a range of different charges. He could be charged with involuntary manslaughter or he could be charged with first degree murder. He has maintained throughout the course of this ordeal that his actions were done in self defense as an officer of the law.

[Photo credit: Inquisitr.Com]