Afton Elaine Burton: Facts About Charles Manson’s Fiance You Won’t Believe

The world is abuzz with shock and horror at the news that Charles Manson is getting married to a 26-year-old girl, Afton Elaine Burton. A recent post from The Inquisitr revealed that Afton Elaine Burton has been in love with Manson since she was 16 years old. But some new details have emerged about the nature of Burton’s relationship to Manson and the history of her obsession, and they’re just as disturbing as the marriage announcement.

According to Hollywood Life, Afton Elaine Burton met Charles Manson for the first time when she was only 17, a mere one year after falling head over heels for the man. It wasn’t Manson’s crime of leading a “family” on a mass murdering spree that made Burton fall for the man, but supposedly his philosophy on life. Manson supposedly supports environmental and animal rights issues that Afton Elaine Burton agrees with. Rolling Stone reported that a friend showed Afton Elaine Burton some of Manson’s writings on the environment. Since meeting the convict, Burton has been corresponding with Manson in prison—all while she was 17 and he was 71 years old.

Afton Elaine Burton has no shame in her love for Charles Manson. In fact, Burton runs a fan site dedicated to Manson and his cause at TMZ claims Afton even moderates a Manson Facebook fanpage.

Burton took it a step further when she moved to California to be closer to Charles Manson. Despite having a decent relationship with her devout Baptist parents, Burton spent the $2,000 in savings she had from her job at a retirement kitchen and uprooted her life so that she could visit Manson on the weekends. Manson nicknamed Afton Elaine Burton “Star.”

All of this might be especially shocking if you believe Afton Elaine Burton knows about Charles Manson’s crimes, but it makes a little more sense when you learn that Burton sincerely believes Manson is innocent. On Burton’s dedicated Facebook page, she wrote the following message.

“Charles Manson is not a murderer and has NEVER killed anyone, nor did he ever ‘order’ any crimes to be committed on his behalf; it’s a lie. He has been a victim of lies and sensationalism, from the government and the media for over 40 years… Charles Manson has been a naturalist and eco-warrior for many years. He was arrested in 1969 for setting two earthmover machines, which were being used to tear up the deserts of Death Valley, on fire; NOT murder.”

What do you think about Afton Elaine Burton and her upcoming marriage to Charles Manson?