Spoilers For ‘Sons Of Anarchy’: ‘Suits Of Woe’ Brings Emotional Payoffs With Big Gemma Reveal

A key episode of Sons of Anarchy airs Tuesday night and fans are counting down until they get to tune in to see the chaos play out. At the end of the last episode, Abel told Jax that Gemma killed Tara, and most SOA fans expect all hell to break loose after that. Now, some new Sons of Anarchy spoiler tidbits for the episode titled “Suits of Woe” have been revealed.

People shares some tidbits regarding the identical twins who play Abel, Evan and Ryder Londo. New Sons of Anarchy spoilers indicate that there will be a key conversation between Abel and Gemma in Tuesday’s episode. In fact, the conversation apparently is one that will have viewers reaching for their hankies. How will Gemma react as it plays out that Abel spilled the beans to his dad regarding Tara’s death? Could Gemma go so far as to harm Abel to save herself?

Katey Sagal, who plays Gemma, tells TVLine, “How can she do anything but forgive him?” Sagal adds that she doesn’t think Gemma has any animosity toward Abel as the walls start closing in, and she wonders if Gemma ever really thought she’d get away with it all.

From the sounds of things, the final three episodes of the series will be exactly what fans have been itching to see all season. It’s been a slow build-up in some ways, but many SOA stars have indicated that Episodes 11, 12 and 13 will be wild, satisfying and full of answers. Viewers should watch for a highly emotional showdown between Gemma and Jax. Sagal says that many tears were shed while the scenes were filmed.

The Season 7, Episode 11 show, titled “Suits of Woe,” will obviously focus heavily on Jax dealing with the reveal that his mother killed his wife. However, that’s not all. Other Sons of Anarchy spoilers indicate that Lin will finally be killed and there is more of Juice on the way.

Unser and Jarry are trying to sort through what really happened, and Unser shows a very different side of himself. Unser taunts Jax and then goads Teller into taking a fierce swing at him, and fans seem torn on Unser’s motives. Is he trying to protect Jax, or Gemma, or is there something else entirely behind his actions?

Expectations are very high for the November 18 episode. Can Kurt Sutter possibly deliver? Peter Weller, who plays Barosky on SOA and also directed this episode, told NT Daily that this week’s episode “will take you apart, man.” He adds that everything is revealed and it seems it’s going to be incredibly intense, which is exactly what fans want and expect.

Various shots and stills from the episode show both Nero and Jax looking absolutely devastated while Gemma is terrified. Unser and Jax compare notes while Wendy says she needs to tell Jax the whole truth as well. Sutter has previously teased Sons of Anarchy spoilers that Jax may never learn the full truth of what happened that night between Gemma and Tara, but he’s going to learn a whole lot more in Tuesday’s episode.

There’s another Anarchy Afterword airing this week with a new host. Last week’s show gave some great spoilers on what would go down in “Suits of Woe” and chances are that fans will again be hoping for some good scoop for the next episode titled “Red Rose,” airing on December 2. Tune in to Sons of Anarchy airing on Tuesday, November 18 to see Jax finally confront the truth, at least to an extent, regarding what happened to Tara.

[Image via Prashant Gupta/FX]