‘The Voice’ News: Which Two Hopefuls Are Headed Home? iTunes May Have The Answer

NBC’s The Voice has now entered what is perhaps the most stressful part of the season.

Last week’s live show had the Voice coaches put the finishing touches on their team once America had its say.

The picks were highly controversial as the coaches took a more strategic approach. In at least two instances, perceived favorites were sent home early.

This week on The Voice, at least one coach seems to have been heavily vindicated.

At the close of voting, all of Team Adam broke the Top 30 on the iTunes’ singles chart.

Matt McAndrew won a bonus due to his version of “Take Me To Church,” hitting #5. His version of the song may have helped Hozier; the band’s single currently sits at #2.

Although his team member Damien peaked at number #12 with his rendition of “He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother,” his chart position strongly suggests he’s safe.

A little further down was Chris Jamison at #23. Jamison was saved by coach Adam Levine, who picked the R&B singer over indie artist Taylor Phelan at the last possible second.

The iTunes positions of all those participating on The Voice may provide an important clue as to exactly who is headed home.

According to the Apple music chart, the three Voice contestants with the lowest sales are Reagan James, Ryan Sill, and Sugar Jones.

Of the three Voice artists performing abysmally on the charts at the moment, only Reagan James was voted into the Top 12 by America.

Jessie Pitts isn’t faring as well as fellow Voice coach pic Chris Jamison, but her position at #90 may be enough to indicate she will avoid the bottom three.

Although iTunes is only a major advantage for whichever Voice contestants make it to the top 10, it also seems to indicate the mood of the television audience.

Perhaps most importantly of all, it may give the Voice producers a glimpse into which singers are the most profitable.

At the moment, things seem to be looking up for Team Adam, at least according to iTunes. With selling power taken into account, it appears highly unlikely that anyone from this group will be sent home during the results show.

There is heavy speculation that this week’s bottom three and subsequent eliminations will be a continuation of America’s voting mood last week.

This might lead to some grumbling that at least one Voice judge wasted their save.

Do you think iTunes serves as an accurate barometer for elimination on the Voice? If not, what is a more accurate source for speculation?

[Image Credit: The Voice]