‘Anarchy’ Afterword’ Change-Up: New Host, ‘Sons Of Anarchy’ Guest Slate Revealed

Sons of Anarchy viewers will be treated to another episode of Anarchy Afterword after the Tuesday, November 18 show, but there will be yet another host. Chris Franjola is out, and show creator Kurt Sutter led the way through the post-show last week. However, this week, he passes the reins on to someone else.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Kevin Ryder will host the new episode of SOA’s Anarchy Afterword. Ryder is the co-host of the popular “The Kevin & Bean” KROQ morning show in Los Angeles. Slated to join Ryder in this episode are Drea de Matteo and Jimmy Smits. Theo Rossi will pop in via satellite.

There will also be episodes of Anarchy Afterword airing after the final two episodes of Sons of Anarchy. These final two episodes will air on December 2 and 9, with the show taking a break for the week of Thanksgiving. At this point, it is not known who will host those two episodes, though it has been said that Franjola will not return. While it was stated that Franjola is unavailable to finish out the season due to his schedule, many suspect that the fan criticism was the primary driving factor in the change of host.

[Spoiler Alert below this point]

What can fans read into the fact that Smits, who plays Nero, and de Matteo, who plays Wendy, will be the guests this week? When it comes to Sons of Anarchy, one really never knows. It could be as simple as the fact that they haven’t appeared on the last couple of Anarchy Afterword shows, whereas many of the other main characters have. In addition, there could always be a surprise appearance if someone key dies in Tuesday’s episode as viewers saw with Mark Boone Junior’s appearance after his character Bobby died a couple of weeks ago.

Sons of Anarchy spoilers have already revealed that Lin will die in Tuesday’s episode. Will anybody central to the SAMCRO family die? There are many who wonder if Unser could get knocked off and others wonder about Nero. Much of the season 7, episode 11 show will revolve around Jax wrapping his head around Abel’s big reveal; Gemma killed Tara. How does he handle it? Sutter previously indicated that Jax’s response may not be what others would expect, and SOA fans cannot wait to see how it all plays out.

Fans are anxious to see how Ryder does in the hosting seat of this week’s show. He’s joking around about it quite a bit via Twitter, but Sons of Anarchy fans will have high expectations. Everybody is hoping that he makes the most of the opportunity for fans to see the cast break down the latest episode. It certainly should help that Ryder seems to be a big fan of the show and is accustomed to doing interviews and thinking on his feet. Tune in to the new episode of SOA titled “Suits of Woe” and the latest Anarchy Afterword airing on Tuesday, November 18 on FX to see just what goes down.

[Image via KROQ]